Preeya Kalidas leaves Albert Square behind for a generic singing career

Better known to EastEnders fans as Amira Masood, Preeya Kalidas has ditched the grimy setting of Albert Square for the glossy heights of a pop career. Well not quite. The garage in which she filmed the music video for her new single Shimmy doesn’t look so different from The Arches, if you ask me.

All budget jokes aside, has Kalidas burst onto the pop scene with a bang? The answer is sadly “no”.  I didn’t expect Kalidas to have such a powerful voice, it really does have echoes of Beyoncé on it at some points. So its a pity that the actress turned singer has gone for something so generic with her first single. Shimmy is the same dance-pop/R&B track we’ve heard thousands of times before, with a little bit of a Middle Eastern influence thrown in to emphasise Preeya and the Bangladeshi descended  feature rapper with the laughable stage name of Mumzy Stranger’s origins. The video, as I’ve said already, is rather poor despite Preeya looking very sexy and pulling off some decent choreography.

I still think this will be a hit though, considering the popularity of EastEnders. Especially since the whole Christian/Syed/Amira love triangle has been such an explosive plot for the show, Preeya is right to strike while the iron is hot. Shimmy will be released in Ireland on 23rd July and in the UK on 26th July. Kalidas is currently working on her debut album, hopefully it will sprout up some better songs than the one you can watch below:


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