Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj team up for the incredible ‘Knockout’

Lil’ Wayne might be locked up and in jail but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his music career behind bars. The rapper turned temporary rocker has just premiered the video for new single Knockout. The clip directed by David Rosseau features current ‘it’ femcee Nicki Minaj. Check it out:

There are very few artists in the music industry who I don’t like but Lil’ Wayne is one of them. I just find him completely vile – from his slimy overly Auto-Tuned voice to his completely tattooed, silver toothed looks. However, this song is a win and one of the prime reasons I bought his surprisingly good album Rebirth. Most people seem to hate this new direction for Wayne but I never got why America and other rap critics treated him like a ‘saviour of rap’. All I heard was Auto-Tuned whining. The Aut0-Tuned whining is here too but it’s bearable thanks to the fast paced verses, the Summery Blink-182-esque guitar backing and of course Nicki Minaj.

Nicki seems to have divided critics and public alike but her contribution to this song really adds to the Summer party feel. Cooing out a surprisingly sexy chorus, things really take off when she spits out her rapped verses. “Aww fuck it, give me that damn bucket, when I throw this pussy, you better not start ducking” mightn’t be the classiest line in the World but it’s all in the delivery. Lil’ Wayne’s big breakdown in the end of “JUST KNOCK ME OUT!” even sounds suitably angsty.

The video really isn’t much. Considering Lil’ Wayne shot this alongside nine other music videos before going in the slammer, he obviously didn’t have much time. It’s funny though because it does make the CGI in Sugababes’ Wear My Kiss look like Avatar. Knockout is available to buy now.


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