Kanye back with Power-ful new single

Now that the dust has settled around his infamous hijacking of the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, the public look ready to forgive Kanye West as he prepares the lead single from his forthcoming album Good Ass Job. The single is called Power and it sees a return to hip-hop for Mr. West after foraying into electro on his last album, the critically acclaimed 808s & Heartbreak. Take a listen below:
K p by user9196076
I think it’s safe to say the song is a grower. The hypnotic chanting running through the course of the song reminds me of Jay-Z’s recent single On To The Next One. Anyways, I’m going to continue listening and see what I think after a few more listens. Lyrically, it sees Kanye  rap about suicide, ignoring his critics and showing his vulnerable side with lyrics about growing up and losing his inner-child. Flashing Lights collaborator Dwele joins Kanye for some of the vocal sections in the song. West is probably the best lyricist in rap right now so it will be interesting to see  how his album will shape up when it’s released in September.

I wonder how it will sound next to Drake’s Thank Me Later which will be released in June. Both seem to cover similar ground in their music so it will be interesting to see if there’s place in the industry for both.

And is it just me or are artists these days releasing lead singles months before their album. Katy Perry has released California Gurls with her album Teenage Dream not due ’til August. While Ne-Yo and Kanye are now releasing singles while their albums aren’t out ’til September. Anyways I’m going off topic, what do you guys think of the new Kanye single?


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