Beyoncé releases an alternate version of her ‘Halo’ video

Following hot on the heels of my Kelly Rowland post, Beyoncé has released an alternate music video for single Halo. The single was released in January last year but the dark music clip was scrapped in favour of the more lighter yet extremely boring clip we seen all last year…until now.

Artistically, this video is better than the original but really I couldn’t care less about either. The original clip while glorious and all is really a snoozefest from start to finish while this dark clip makes no sense. Why is Beyoncé’s love interest being chased? And are you telling me he was mauled to death by a small dog? Come on – for all it’s dark, creepy imagery, the video could have executed its story better rather than showing Beyoncé driving for a good 2 minutes of the video.

Why do you guys think Beyoncé is releasing so many music videos all of a sudden? Compare the two Halo videos below.


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