Singles Reviews Diary 12 – 23rd April 2010

I know I’m very late with this but I finally have my twelfth singles release diary for singles that were released four days ago. Oh well, college will be finished on Thursday so I should be more up to date with my Singles Reviews Diary by then.

Singles Reviews Diary 12 – 23rd April 2010:

01. Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment
Now before the coach full of Adam Lambert’s fans come along and attack me, I really like Adam Lambert. He was the only reason I watched
American Idol last year and I think he’s probably the most powerful singer in today’s music industry on par with rock greats like Alice Cooper and Freddie Mercury. So I really wanted his debut single to be good. Sadly it’s not. Sure it has a catchy chorus and lyrics that would make Lady GaGa blush – which is really revolutionary for an American Idol contestant. ButFor Your Entertainment is just incredibly bland. It doesn’t have the ‘wow factor’. Thankfully, I’ve heard a few songs from Adam’s album of the same name and they are pretty promising. Hopefully, Adam’s follow-up singles will be better and his sophomore album will be more consistent. 2.5 STARS

02. Ash: Mind Control
Another short and sweet pop rock song from Ash’s
A-Z To Series. Once again I will lament why the A-Z Series hasn’t got more hype because Ash have never been so consistent with providing enjoyable song – one after the other. 3 STARS

03. The Big Pink: Tonight
The third single from The Big Pink’s
A Brief History Of Love doesn’t seem to have gone down well with most people. To be honest, I don’t think it’s that bad. It doesn’t have the big commercial chorus that Dominos had but it’s a big step up from last singleVelvet. I love the electro beats, the chorus is decent enough but can get rather grating like the chorus of Dominos. I do think this band have promise though so…3 STARS

04. Bullet For My Valentine: My Last Fight
Bullet For My Valentine are back with a bang! While many may argue that the metal band are just spitting out the same fast paced angst ridden music that they’ve always brought out, why change it if the fans love it. You can’t deny that huge guitar solo towards the end.

05. Chicane: Come Back
Chicane has been consistently good and I think he’s my new favourite dance act. So this is disappointing following the 5 star single that is
Hiding All The Stars. This is pretty much 4 and a half minutes of rather boring house beats with some obscure vocals thrown over it. I don’t even find it that danceable. However, there is a very watchable yet mildly disturbing video to accompany it so I’d recommend checking it out. 2 STARS

06. Courteeners: Take Over The World
I wasn’t exactly bowled over by Courteeners last single
You Overdid It Doll but this proves to be a more promising effort from them. Over a beautiful piano melody, Liam Fray’s powerful vocals really stand out. Strings, electro beats and guitars eventually build up when we reach the satisfying climax of the song. It’s official; I’ve been converted to being a fan of The Courteeners. Going to check out more of their stuff now. 4 STARS

07. The Dead Weather: Die By The Drop
Jack White must be the hardest worker in the industry. When he’s not producing for Adele, working with The Raconteurs and The White Stripes, he’s also acting as the frontman for his newest band The Dead Weather. For those of you not in the know, The Dead Weather was formed in 2009 and contains Jack White, Alison Mosshart of the Kills, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence of The Greenhornes. The music – is very White Stripes. Good old blues and garage rock which I think would be perfect for soundtracking the next Tim Burton film. Mosshart and White’s vocals combine very nicely here and it’s a grower – but lacks any real punch. Perfectly serviceable though.

08. Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Mister Sun
Oh! Could this join Kid Rock’s
All Summer Long as a surprise Summer hit? This definitely sounds like it could be huge if it gets the right airplay; cleverly sampling what I think is a song I heard on Barney all those years ago, only far more funkefied. However, I hated Kid Rock’s All Summer Long and I know I will hate this if it gets heavy airplay. Right now though, it’s a fine listen. 3 STARS

This week in Glee, it’s all about Madonna. And while I think there was a little bit too much brownnosing towards Madonna (Sue and Will going on about how inspirational Madonna is, insisting that her music is played all around the school, Mohawk talking about what a MILF she is, all the guys proclaiming how hot she is, Miss Prim and Proper Ginger Person not being shocked by Madonna’s shocking display of sexuality etc.) but it did remind me that the Plastic Fantastic OAP once was a revolution in pop music and that she once did have a strong catalogue until she made soulless dance music. Here are my Glee reviews for the week.

09. Glee Cast: Express Yourself
The girls go all female empowerment on us in their rendition of Madonna’s 1989 hit. I’m sure for all the girls at home, this was a chance for them to felt all lovely, strong and warm inside but this song is hardly
Glee track of the week. 3 STARS

10. Glee Cast: Borderline/Open Your Heart
Lea Michele proves why she is the star of the show with this brilliant mash-up and Cory Monteith doesn’t do so shabbily either. This is pure euphoric ‘80s pop which may be a little cheesy but definitely infectious.

11. Glee Cast: Vogue
Jane Lynch adds an impressive singing voice to her list of talents in one of Madonna’s most iconic hits. Sue Sylvester almost sounds like Madonna in this catwalk influenced pop song. The true power of this song though is in the re-enactment of the
Voguevideo and Gleeks will lap up Sue’s proclamation during the rap breakdown “Will Schuester, I hate you!” but this is not the standout song from the episode. 4 STARS

12. Glee Cast: Like A Virgin
Again, this song works better with the storyline of the show where three of the characters set out to lose their virginity. It’s pretty faithful to the original and if you like the original
Like A Virgin then you should enjoy this too. 4 STARS

13. Glee Cast: 4 Minutes (To Save The World)
Wahey! The show finally addresses one of its problems and gives Mercedes and Kurt their chance to shine. They cover the last good song Madonna released as a single. Mercedes impresses with her powerhouse vocals as usual but it’s Kurt who really shocks here – who knew that he had such a strong raspy voice. MrsRandomEnigma was even convinced that Kurt is now sexy after singing that so go Kurt I suppose. I love the heavy brass section in this song also.

14. Glee Cast: What It Feels Like For A Girl
In what has to be the most contrived moment of the show, the boys realise what jerks they are and put themselves in the high heeled stilettos of a girl by recording this cover of Madonna’s feminist hit. Once the vomit inducing talking bit is out of the way, the song sounds a little funky but falls down at the rather boring chorus. The worst
Gleesong this week. 2 STARS

15. Glee Cast: Like A Prayer
Don’t Stop Believing has a rival for best Glee song ever! The original is already fantastic but I found myself with goosebumps after hearing this choir backed power ballad. Gleeare clearly saving their best songs for the closing moments of the show this season. Amazing stuff. 5 STARS

16. Lady Antebellum: Need You Now
Taken from the Shania Twain quarter of the country music, this has been a Top 10 hit in the US for weeks now. Despite some beautiful piano backed vocals from the band’s male and female vocalist, this is a pretty decent song but as little country as its possible to be while still being classified as country. Watered down for pop radio Taylor Swift could easily have sang this if only she’d give up singing about princesses and fairytales and wasn’t afraid to use lyrics as edgy as “It’s a quarter after one/I’m a little drunk and I need you now”. Why would anyone up that late drinking liquor at that hour? Damnit, I want really good country artists like Jace Everett, Little Big Town and C.C. Adcock to be successful over here but I guess I can accept Lady Antebellum if they don’t recycle this type of song over again.

17. Marina & The Diamonds: I Am Not A Robot
I cannot understand the hype from both critics and fans when it comes to this song. Sure there are many good things about it, Marina’s vocals are beautiful in the verses once they take on this soft simpering sound, I love the message (it makes you want to hug someone) and I love the way Marina says “I’m vun-ripple, I’m vun-ripple, I am not a robot”. Vun-ripple sounds way cooler than vulnerable ya see! However, the chorus is kind of limp and repetitive and the production fast matches in the schizophrenic department but isn’t as annoying ‘cause it’s not as generic electro. So the song is alright but I’m hoping that
Shampain is cancelled as the next single and Are You Satisfied? or Mowgli’s Road is chosen instead. 3 STARS

18. The Riptide Movement: Hard To Explain
The fun and bouncy instrumentation is really what makes the song. The gruff, harsh vocals are really off-putting for me but this has a decent chorus so many people should like this.

19. Roll Deep featuring Jodie Connor: Good Times
I feel like this samples something and has about as much depth as a box of WeightWatchers food. Yes, I know, bad simile. All generic content aside, this song is a deserved hit because of its winner chorus provided by the sexy voiced Jodie Connor. Also credit goes to Roll Deep for rhyming the hook friendly lines “Late night shopping” and “high street bopping”.

20. Sidney Samson featuring Lady Bee: Shut Up And Let Me Go
Now that
Riverside (Let’s Go) has left the chart, radio airwaves and clubs, it’s up to Samson to show that he’s not going to be a one hit wonder. Sadly for Samson, I think that’s the category he’s going to fall into because this doesn’t have the strong sing a long hook or the big expletive that everyone sang along to on his previous single. I know I’m forever giving club bangers Stinker Of The Week but sadly club bangers just aren’t up to scratch these days. This is just trashy and boring and goes to overdrive with the helium, the only interesting thing about it is the beats which aren’t enough to save the song. 1. 5 STARS

Also, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake officially release Carry Out this week, I reviewed it weeks ago. See somewhere above for my thoughts, the track has grown on me although I still think it’s generic. I realise I love the cowbell and Justin Timberlake’s vocals are really good.

Okay, give me your feedback and thoughts on Monday’s single releases. What are your Winners and Stinkers etc.? All comments are appreciated greatly.


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