Rihanna returns to dark theme with ‘Rockstar 101’ video…well almost!

After assaulting our eyes with the colourfest that was the Rude Boy video, Rihanna has returned to the dark look of her earlier singles from Rated R by releasing another brooding black and white video. The single will be released exclusively to the US on June 1 while the rest of the World gets the much sunnier Te Amo.

What to say about the video…hmmm. Well, at first look I was pretty bored. Another dark and brooding video from Rihanna – that’s sure to have The Vigilant Citizen‘s knickers in a knot over Rihanna’s use of Satanist Illuminati symbolism in her videos. Also, I’m tired of Rihanna trying to get one-up on Lady GaGa in the fashion stakes with increasingly weird costumes – that no normal person would ever wear in public.

Also the lyric: “Big city, bright lights”. I would love to actually have seen the video shot in a city rather than a claustraphobic studio with snow machines. Anyways, Rihanna totally redeems herself and makes my rant redundant when she dresses up as Slash in the video – which is so unexpected, yet so wonderful.

Slash actually features on this track but obviously hasn’t bothered to show up for the video shoot so Rihanna does the honours of putting on a pair of shades, a top hat and  a dark curly wig, picking up the guitar and unleashing her inner rockstar…similar to what she did on American Idol a few months back. It makes the video completely watchable and for the first time we really see some personality shine through in the near lifeless performer. Anyways, enough ranting from me, check out the video below:


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