Singles Reviews Diary 2 – 12th February 2010

Okay singles that were released this week and what I think of them:

Singles Reviews Diary 2 – 12th February 2010:

01. Animal Kingdom: Two By Two (Video)
If you haven’t heard this son then you should, the lead vocalist of these London indie rockers actually remind me of Empire of the Sun’s lead vocalist Luke Steele.

Signs & Wonders

02. Artists For Haiti: We Are The World For Haiti 25 (Video)
Hot mess. As a charity single you should buy this off iTunes and then delete it immediately. While there are some really talented singers such as Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Hudson and Michael Jackson’s original vocals on this track, Justin Bieber, an Auto-Tuned T-Pain, Akon and a bunch of the biggest rappers attempt to ‘modernise’ the original. Oh and Wyclef Jean sounds suspiciously like a moose. That’s pretty funny. Actually, download it for that. But otherwise, its no wonder Jay-Z stayed away from this shoddy remake. 1 STAR

We Are the World 25 for Haiti

03. Ash: Command (Video)
I personally like everything Ash put their name too but the lack of hype surrounding their A-Z Series is kind of sad. 3 STARS

Ash - Command: 7-inch + Download: £5.00 packshot

04. The Big Pink: Velvet (Video)
While their breakthrough single Dominos was really catchy, it was overplayed so much on radio and TV that it drove me mad. Thankfully, this single is more alternative and enjoyable. 3 STARS


05. Courteeners: You Overdid It Doll (Video)
Nothing amazing about this track for me really, it’s just okay. I can definitely see myself getting into their music…But right now doing nothing for me. 3 STARS

You Overdid It Doll

06. Creed: Rain (Video)
Did I mention that Nickelback are my guilty pleasure? Well, these guys sound like them so I love this song. Much better than a Mika song of the same name. 3.5 STARS


07. Demi Lovato: Remember December (Video)
I think everyone knows my position on female pop rockers and how I just love them. I love Demi’s breathy vocals on the verses and the icy production and that big chorus. Demi is way too talented for Disney, she needs to find herself a good guitar band and become big like No Doubt. 4 STARS

Remember December

08. Enter Shikari: Thumper (Video)
If you don’t like punk or industrial type music then you won’t like this. I love this song and I love the band name. Like a less noisy but no less good Prodigy track. 3.5 STARS


09. Florence + The Machine and Dizzee Rascall: You Got The Dirtee Love (Video)
Fair dues to Florence and Dizzee for making two of my least favourite songs by them into a remix and making it immediately downloadable. Who would have thought Dizzee’s brash rapping would work well with Florence’s heavenly soaring vocals and The Machine’s angelic harps. Is it wrong that I want it to beat a charity single to Number 1 by Sunday. 4 STARS

10. Glee Cast: No Air 2.5 STARS (Video)

No Air (Glee Cast Version)

11. Glee Cast: Keep Holding On 4 STARS (Video)

Keep Holding On (Glee Cast Version)

12. Glee Cast: Hate On Me 3 STARS (Video)

Hate On Me (Glee Cast Version)

13. Glee Cast: You Keep Me Hangin’ On 3 STARS (Video)

You Keep Me Hangin' On (Glee Cast Version)

Not gonna give individual thoughts on each Glee track. You’re either gonna love or hate their renditions of songs by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, Avril Lavigne, Jill Scott and The Supremes. They may be overblown and camp but their charming none the less. Expect them to fly into the charts.

14. Kasabian: Vlad The Impaler (Video)
What can I say? Everytime you sit down to listen to a Kasabian track, you’ll always get some sonic pleasure from their tracks. I love the B-movie style video as well. 4 STARS

Vlad The Impaler

15. Laura Marling: Devil’s Spoke (Video)
Wow! A really atmospheric well sang folk track. I’d definitely recommend it. 5 STARS

Devil's Spoke

16. Lemar: The Way Love Goes (Video)
I had written Lemar off, thinking his time in music was over. But wow! A really strong and glossy R&B track from his Greatest Hits album. Love it! 3.5 STARS

The Way Love Goes

17. Mika: Blame It On The Girls (Video)
Mika what happened? I loved Grace Kelly and Love Today but it all went downhill withLollipop. Mika ever since has been incredibly irritating to me. And this song makes me wanna rip my eardrums out. 1 STAR

Blame It On The Girls

18. Scooter: The Sound Above My Hair (Video)
If you’ve heard one Scooter song, you’ve heard ’em all. This song shakes things up a bit by including bagpipes among the instrumentation. ‘Nuff said. 1 STAR

19. Stereophonics: Could You Be The One? (Video)
Stereophonics go all romantically gooey for Valentine’s week. A really beautiful melodic track.

Could You Be The One?

20. Timbaland featuring Katy Perry: If We Ever Meet Again (Video)
Yes, this single is only being released this week despite already in the Top 3. Timbaland tries to replicate the success of Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling. A really fun uptempo euphoric party tune with a Summer vibe! I love it but others might find it cheesy. 4 STARS

If We Ever Meet Again (Featuring Katy Perry)

21. Uffie: MCs Can Kiss (Video)
Uffie considers herself a less mainstream version of Ke$ha. She’s a better rapper anyway and this has major crossover potential. It sounds like The Ting Tings on speed with foul mouthed, cocky lyrics. 4 STARS

MCs Can Kiss

22. Usher: There Goes My Baby (Video)
Usher releases a sexy, smooth slow jam as a promo single. I’m sure all the women will melt when they hear this. Does nothing for me though. Expect Usher’s new albumRaymond V. Raymond to be released in the UK on March 29. 3 STARS


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